Blue Cherry - 10 REGULAR SEEDS

Breeder: TonyGreenhand of Greenhand Genetics ( on instagram)
Genetics: (Blueline X Cherry Pie Bx)
Flower time: 8 weeks
Aroma: Cherry / Blueberry / Gas 

This is a limited cross. The Blueline in this cross was made using Blueberry Indica, which is an old clone only which has very pungent blueberry fruit flavor. The Cherry Pie BX aroma was very strong and almost acrid, its gassy strength intensifies the blueberry aroma making a complex blueberry cherry combinations. Plants in this population can be very colorful with some having reds/ dark purple foliage and blue / purple in the cannabis flowers. Plants in this population excell outside or in greenhouses, but are not recommended for indoor grows.

Blue Cherry